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How to Think Like a CEO

Mindset can set the stage for success or establish the path to failure. Dr. Sam Adeyemi, author of "Dear Leader: Your Flagship Guide to Successful Leadership," shares how successful C-Suite leaders think.

Become a Person of Influence

In today's marketplace, people seek the attention of social media influencers. While it may seem like it's new, it's not. People of influence have set the foundation for society, business, and family. So how can you become a person of influence? Dr. Sam, who is followed by millions of CEOs and upwardly mobile professionals online and has graduated 45,000 alumni from his Daystar Leadership Academy, shares secrets he's learned in his education and career.

How to Manage Stress in 3 Steps

Being alive is experiencing stress. So how do you manage stress and not let it affect the quality of your life happiness and satisfaction? Sam Adeyemi (say: a DAY ah me), Ph.D. is a global speaker, strategic leadership expert, minister, and author, who has influenced millions of people on success and leadership through radio, television, conferences, and information products for more than 25 years. He shifts mindsets to help leaders see possibilities and become those possibilities.

Make the Right Friends: A Checklist

Do friends influence your success? Yes, says Dr. Sam Adeyemi. His popular videos, podcasts, newsletters, and more teach millions of leaders around the world how to be “Fit to Lead.” Learn his checklist on choosing the right kinds of friends for your ultimate happiness, success, and satisfaction in life.

Attack Your Debt

Is debt keeping you up at night? Do you yearn for enough income to take care of your family, business, and dreams? Dr. Sam Adeyemi coaches C-Suite executives on how to balance complex budgets. Learn his tools on how you too can attack your debt and live without fear.

Turn Failure Into Success

Most people don't start a project for fear of failure. But what if failure was the inevitable path to success? What's the secret most successful people share? Failure! They just look at their failure as a learning opportunity. Dr. Sam Adeyemi is not only a business coach to millions, but he's also a minister. You too can learn from him how to turn your failures into the successes of your dreams.

Scaling Up? Teaching Leaders to Manage and Sustain Growth.

Dr. Sam and his wife Nike grew their Daystar Christian Centre in Lagos, Nigeria, from a small church to one that ministers to and teaches countless people around the world. He expanded the training and leadership program he developed to teach secular as well as religious leaders how to scale for growth. He shares principles of healthy and sustainable growth.

Long Distance Leadership

Dr. Sam started leveraging technology in the mid-1990s, and in 2002 launched Daystar Leadership Academy, now a hybrid digital/in-person training program that has graduated 45,000 leaders. Expanding to the United States in 2014, he traveled the world teaching leadership and ministry principles until the onset of the pandemic. He shares how the virtual systems they built allowed them to continue teaching through the pandemic, with lessons for leaders going forward.

Communication Keys for Cross-Generational Leadership

Today’s younger generation has experienced more disruptions than previous generations so they tend to be more flexible and strategic in their thinking and more mobile in their job pursuits. They speak with their feet by stepping away when they quit an undesirable working environment. From his latest book, “Dear Leader: Your Flagship Guide to Successful Leadership,“ Dr. Sam shares keys to communication in a multigenerational workforce paramount for success in today’s ever-changing business world.

Excess of Success? How to Adapt.

Success creates changes you don't learn about in business school or through an MBA program. It can change the way people treat you or lead to envy among friends and family members. Dr. Sam addresses how to manage these changes and adapt.
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